The N8 will be the first device by Nokia with the Symbian^3 operating system

The Diet has been dissolved.

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I can't talk about it right now.

I visit my grandparents twice a week.

What are all those lights for?

Pia kicked in the door.

Call someone who speaks Japanese, please.

Look, I'll show you.

It's not the time but the will that you lack.

I'm not sure what Jinchao will do.

Calvin's fast asleep on the cot.

Mitch shared a well with his neighbor.

From tomorrow on we can go to work together.


I illuminate myself with immensity.

We must act at once.

Xochipepe likes flowers.

She surprised him with a small gift.

Promise you'll think about my offer!

While I am gone, please don't forget to feed my cat and water the plants.

Are you going to hurt us?

I'm waiting at the door.

Kirk filled the wheelbarrow with sand.


Shel is smarter.


You stand to lose everything.

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What movies just opened?

We have to cancel our trip to Japan.

Anatoly is coming over to watch a movie.

We talk all the time.

She is a really nice lady.

He's certainly getting along in years.

It happened that he saw her there.

Hopefully he won't notice anything!

I want her beaten up.


You were everything to me!

Ned might be able to do something to help.

Cleaning is necessary.

I ate something that didn't agree with me.

You could have omitted that last phrase in your letter.

What a heel!

He is very rich, but he is none the happier for his wealth.

I often wear blue.

I baked some cookies for him.

I'm really looking forward to working with you.

The little bumpkin bought a big pumpkin.

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Ask anybody.

This is about as many as the United States has.

He is not so much a poet as a writer.

Bradley made this mistake intentionally.

It's a marketing stunt.

I'm glad Doyle did it.

I didn't expect Manavendra to get here on time.


Almost everyone I know knows how to swim.


Everybody wanted to know why Case quit his job.

She gave me a pencil.

I'll give you an answer in a day or two.


Vance switched off the motor.

Where can I put my bag?

When Lance began studying culinary arts, the instructing chef made him practice cutting up onions and carrots as uniformly as possible.

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Please send an empty email message to

I don't feel like having Chinese food today.

Science never solves a problem without creating ten more.

To live alone is the fate of all great souls.

He is competent and able to trust.

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I'm coming with you.

I made it all up.

Don't forget to put your dictionary beside you.

They lost no time in leaving their home.

I'm sure Nate will like this wine.

What makes you cry like that?

He saw that he was wrong.

It's no good trying to persuade her.

The restrooms are here.

I assume you'll be here by 2:30.

Laurie and I aren't strangers.

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Don't respond to questions marked with an X.


We should've bought another bottle of wine.


You can't imagine what my life's been like since you've left.

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We changed the color of our house from tan to blue.


I'm staying with Myrick.

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Irfan would kill me if I told anyone.

I hope that my accent's good.

Kurt used a crowbar to pry open the lid of the crate.

I no longer love Pam.

There are one billion nanometers in a meter.

The tablecloth is in the cabinet.

I'm glad you got to meet Neal.

You guys are such a cute couple.

You can see the house was built steadily.

Do you work alone?

I've given Fred something to eat.


I was not aware of her absence.

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That's quite possible.

They checked how pure the water was.

Were you at the beach all summer?

You didn't know Judy, did you?

I don't want Hui to get the wrong impression.

Is college worth it?

Their lips met.


Today I feel better than I did yesterday.

I'm helpless without that dictionary, even when it's just for one day.

I see I'm wasting my time.

Heidi definitely wants to become a doctor.

Who did James tell?

Dan is the only rogue around here.

Everyone will be busy.


Am I disturbing you?

I told her to stop, but she did it anyway.

Norbert is at the end of his rope.

He's a former student of mine.

She held a flower in her hand.

No, no, it's on me.

We were close.

She ate just as much meat as her father.

What's with all the questions?

I'd say you earned it.

The police expect to apprehend the robber before nightfall.

I don't want to post it.

How was your afternoon?


How did you come to think of that?


I won't speak to them.


Everything he sees arouses his curiosity.

The house is not impressive if you're thinking of size.

Obviously not!

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There's a bait shop in my neighborhood.

Brent will never get away with it.

This is a family shipping company, and we will never sell it!

I'm resentful.

Damone has given up smoking.

Nancy never knew the difference.

Is this a drill?

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The All Blacks are the best rugby union team in the world.


I tripped my sister.

He mistook me for my mother.

She seemed happy in contrast to the man.

I met Ken at the park.

I can always count on her because she is responsible.

Many young women in their 20s plan to go abroad during their summer holidays.

No, please go just the both of you. I don't want to play the violin for you two.

Do you want to come over now?

He embarked on his marriage with many hopes and fears.

This arrangement is only temporary.

How did you figure it out?

Teach these sentences.

The proposed methodology is applied to three simulated case studies.

Should I call him?

Did I tell you I had this?


How are you going to catch them?


We corrected it.

I have to be at work in three hours.

Of all the languages I've studied, French was the most difficult.

I had to get them to school.

The tribal wise man shared his knowledge with all the young.

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I need to put the children to bed.

I heard Skip gave you his grandfather's violin.

How do we know that she is who she says she is?

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We can't leave David there without supervision.

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It was in a restaurant that I ate dinner last Friday with my girlfriend.

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I'm not a penguin.

Are you completely out of your mind?

Something has to be done.

It is a short drive to the park.

You did nothing else?


Son screamed for help.

I can't get away from work now.

In American video games Russians are often being shown as the main villains.